hello! i am a pianist, composer, and visual artist originating from a jewish venezuelan family. i was born in the sf bay area on unceded Ohlone land where i continue to reside. i offer tailor-made works of framed and muralistic fine art. my style is inspired by the patterns and vibrancy of nature. colorful, rhythmic, and constantly evolving. if you are interested in curating a piece, please send me an email describing what you are looking for! in the meantime, i am focused on studying and creating music. i also believe that housing is a fundamental human right, and that stolen land must be returned to indigenous stewardship. this country is in desperate need of disaramament, and we should all try using gender-neutral pronouns more often.

thank you for visiting my site! another world is possible.


p.s. please don't feed my work to an ai (or anyone's really, without permission). special thanks to Ashwin and Megaclaw for help with the website!