art, design, and layout for "Untitled(Drone)"

Untitled(Drone) is a zine comissioned by the HighLine, a park in NYC which exhibits the works of various artists. This zine is an accompaniment to a sculpture by Sam Durant: a life-size replica of a Predator drone, which sits on a 25-foot pole above the streets of New York City. Military drones are part of an expanding arsenal of tools which magnify the surveillance and violence of our governments. These tools are now becoming automated. Please take time to learn about the frightening path we are on and please continue this dialogue with those around you.

"We all live within a vast surveillance network made up of many different entities. This network relies on powerful computing systems and algorithms to process a constant stream of surveillance data. Across the military and police, there is an emphasis on identifying “normal” and “aberrant” behavior: the behavior of the criminal. However, existing societal biases are an intractable part of all the data we collect. Rather than improve our judgement, algorithms reinforce existing biases, while removing feelings of responsibility or complicity."

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